We will strive to add
trust and responsibility
to customer satisfaction.



It introduces a variety of new products to domestic and
Based on trust and cooperation with our partners, we're going
to discuss our distribution and sales strategy
I want to build know-how and grow together to be successful
We're leading a stable business.
It's a company that realizes honest technology with trust first
We will try to add trust and responsibility to customer

A variety of new products at home and
abroad Introduce to consumers, trust with partners,
We are building know-how in distribution and sales strategies based on cooperation, as well as growing together to lead a successful and stable business.
Realizing honest skills with trust first Add trust and responsibility to customer satisfaction as a company
I'll try hard.


faze is making history based on trust.

faze makes history based on trust I have it.

  • 2022.07

    Shipment completed for export to Manila, Philippines

  • 2020.06

    Establishment of Phase Corporation
    (company opening/20.06)
    Opening of wholesale and retail distribution and export business of
    clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and telecommunications
    equipment 20.06
    Korea Cable Telecom Refurbish Development and Distribution

    Export shipment to Hanoi, Vietnam completed

  • 2019.05

    A bonus investment kindergarten Co., Ltd

  • 2019.09

    F/W 'FAZE' New Product Launch

  • 2019.05

    Build THE SEASONS Online shopping mall

Customer first

Faze puts customers first.


Since its foundation, Pages Co., Ltd. has developed various
collections every season
I have been carrying out the export business of clothing
accessories, cosmetics, and communication devices.
We are expanding our base with the goal of exporting to a wider

It's coming out

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